Member Monday: Alison, Jon, & Nema from Travendly

Happy Member Monday! Today’s we’re featuring Alison Cohn, Jon Jaffe, and their canine co-worker Nema from Travendly. Read on to find out more…


Tell us a little bit about Travendly? Travendly is a group travel company exclusively for young professionals.  We are equally focused on the trips we offer and the awesome young professionals who attend them!  We offer short (5 days) to medium (11 days) trip durations, always encompassing weekends and holidays so that the working young professional can optimize his/her vacation time.

What's the coolest trip you've ever been on? Jon: My personal favorite trip is Iceland!  It's a hikers paradise (in the summer).  Unreal and challenging terrain, great hiking weather, and views for days.

Alison: My favorite place in the world is London. The culture, people, live theatre, even the public transit...but the best part would have to be how easy (and cheap) it is to puddle-jump to the continent and explore. In the year I lived in England, I visited 29 cities in 15 countries. My top three trips (you wouldn't make me choose just one, would you!?!?) would have to be Brussels, Salzberg, and Florence.

What made you want to work at Relay? The space at Relay is awesome!  It's beautiful, clean, open floor plans, and super chill.  A lot of the other spaces in Austin are really stuffy and have a corporate feel - not the case here at Relay!  Also, the staff is awesome.

Any tips on how to befriend Nema? Jon: Great question.  While Nema might seem like a tough lady to please, all she really wants is a head rub and back scratch.  Maybe a belly rub if you're super lucky.

Alison: I'd also like to add in that if you have peanut butter on your person, Nema will gravitate towards you.