Practicing Environmental Stewardship: Keep Austin Beautiful

Vision: For Austin to be the cleanest, most beautiful community.

Keep Austin Beautiful provides resources and education to engage citizens in building more beautiful communities. The organization was established by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce in 1985 to preserve Austin’s quality of life. Their vision? For Austin to be the cleanest, most beautiful community.

They promote volunteerism, education, and provide resources to beautify and maintain the ecosystems of Austin. Their webpage contains all the necessary information you need to volunteer, get educated, or request resources. Their five areas of focus are clean spaces, beautify the community, recycle to reduce waste, educate people on environmental consciousness, and recognize outstanding environmental efforts.  

It is easy to sign up to volunteer for the clean up events they host. Volunteering with KAB is a fun and easy experience. They provided pickers, trash bags, gloves, hand sanitizer, and snacks, because they want the volunteers to stay safe and have a meaningful day focused on making Austin more beautiful.

Nevertheless, KAB does offer other forms of helping the community, such as community programs, resources to support environmental stewardship, educational field trips for children, or donating to the cause. So if you don’t feel like picking up leftover garbage, there is always something you can do to Keep Austin Beautiful!