Tenant Highlight: SHELF Studio

Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs that are disrupting the marketplace and creating new expectations with better-for-you, happy brands.

CSI Tenant Shelf Studio

Why did you choose the CSI as your organization's new home?

We solve business and brand challenges inherently in what we do, and so it is fitting and inspiring that we will be amongst companies who are also driving change.

How will the unique and diverse community of CSI and Springdale General benefit your organization?

We are a social group and look forward to learning from our neighbors, and getting inspired from their different approaches.

Your organization is focused on a particular community. Can you share how you’ve been successful in gearing your efforts towards that community?

We work with entrepreneurs who have a varying level of knowledge about branding, and often we are doing heavy education from the start to finish of our branding projects. We love the educational aspect, and know that smaller companies need that, because they don't have internal branding teams most of the time. We also specialize in distilling information and pulling out the most important aspects of a brand that need to be front-and-center for the consumer. We want the brands we develop to feel approachable and differentiated-- which we help our clients get to.

Can you share how your organization has been pursuing innovation and some of the challenges for an organization of your size and scale?

We are lucky as a lot of innovation comes to us! Inherently, entrepreneurs are innovators by nature and those are the people we work with. But, we are responsible for helping our Clients to push the boundaries by really deciding to OWN their unique way of doing things. Most of our Clients are excited to be bold and different, and they feel inspired by the fact that a brand like theirs may not yet exist.

What is your approach to achieving the most impact and scale?

We are of the quality vs quantity mentality, so for us its about making each brand we touch the best it can be so that when it comes time for the retail and distribution conversations, our Clients are buttoned up and prepared for the next level that gets the word out.


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