Tenant Highlight: Comfort Crew for Military Kids

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids is a national non-profit delivering proven resources to help military kids and their family connect and build resiliency in the face of extraordinary challenges.

Why did you choose the CSI as your organization's new home?

As a small non-profit we were attracted to being a part of a supportive community.

How will the unique and diverse community of CSI and Springdale General benefit your organization?

Comfort Crew will benefit by introducing our mission to a new community and by opportunities to collaborate and problem solve with other organizations doing good.

Your organization is focused on a particular community. Can you share how you’ve been successful in gearing your efforts towards that community?

The Comfort Crew serves military families. Our staff understands the challenges and opportunities of growing up in a military family because we were once military kids. Additionally, we develop relationships with the families we serve to better understand the unique challenges of this generation of military kids. It's a privilege to serve military families and we are humbled when they share with us how our programs have had a positive impact on their family.

Can you share how your organization has been pursuing innovation and some of the challenges for an organization of your size and scale?

An organization with a staff of 3, serving over 500,000 military children around the world, must be innovative. In our 10 year history, we have built a reputation for quality programs and families request our program resources daily. We utilize an automated email system that allows Comfort Crew to follow up with additional support and a survey to collect output and outcome data. This process has significantly increased the percentage of participation of our survey. Collecting data to validate our programs have been key to attracting partners to help meet the demand for our resources.

What is your approach to achieving the most impact and scale?

According to DoD reports, over 120,000 service members were deployed at any one time in 2017. Deployments continue to impact tens of thousands of families every year and the majority of families we serve have requested support for an upcoming deployment. Comfort Crew can scale our programs by serving the whole unit as they prepare for deployment. If all families in the unit have access to strategies that increase communication and build resilience, they will be better prepared to support each other when challenges come up. They will also have access to additional support and resources we offer throughout the deployment cycle.