Welcome to The Center of Gravity for Social Innovation

We're proud to announce that Notley’s Center for Social Innovation and Capital Factory are partnering to launch a new coworking space for social change.


The Center for Social Innovation (CSI), an integrated campus for socially innovative nonprofits and purpose-for-profit enterprises operated by Notley, today debuted a social entrepreneurship and nonprofit coworking community at Springdale General in East Austin that serves individuals and startup organizations committed to driving impactful outcomes. To launch the new coworking space, Notley is announcing a partnership with Capital Factory, the center of gravity for entrepreneurship, to bring together capital resources, educational programs, and an international network of mentors to help tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.

Today thousands of social entrepreneurs and nonprofits are seeking ways to address important causes, from education and climate change to access to healthcare and poverty. The Center for Social Innovation’s new coworking space will provide a collaborative environment where business leaders and founders can access capital and human resources while also integrating their approaches with nonprofit organizations to better understand how their solutions can be most effective.

“The world is experiencing an emergence of social enterprise spilling out of our universities, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses,” said Dan Graham, Cofounder of Notley. “As Austin becomes the next social innovation capital, this coworking model is poised to provide an important missing piece – a space for people inciting action around social causes to connect with nonprofits, educational systems and entrepreneurial programs while coming together to drive scalable and sustainable purpose-driven ventures.”

Read more in our press announcement today!