RAD Office Tour

When The Center for Social Innovation was asked to participate in the inaugural RAD Office Tour we jumped at the chance! RAD Office Tour was founded in 2015 with Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas and the Culturati Summit. The mission: educate Austin's business community around culture building strategies rooted in workplace design. 

Friday night included a panel hosted by Julie Yost, Programmer at Cities Summit + Design at SXSW  featuring Matt McDonnell, Managing Partner at Notley, Michael Hsu, Principal at Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, and Ryan Steglich, Principal at Steglich Consulting. The conversation centered around Springdale General and The Center for Social Innovation's (CSI) commitment to creating a community. While still in the design and building phase, Springdale General and the CSI have carefully considered the elements important to developing an ecosystem. These include shared pathways and a courtyard for spontaneous interaction, colocating within suites as a means to collaboration and affordability, and the use of sustainable building materials that lower the price per sq/ft. 

The 2017 RAD Office Tour featured an array of unique office spaces around Austin, each exhibiting different design elements, hiring practices and business strategies. The locations were tied together by the idea that design dictates culture within a work environment. Each location had an undeniably strong personality facilitated through design.

For example, Kammok is a camping goods retailer located on 7th Street. This location houses their corporate office and retail location. While this set up wouldn't work for every business, the retail location works as a recruitment tool by bringing in customers of a particular niche who may also be candidates for employment. It's this kind of inventive design and planning that keeps Austin businesses innovative.

Check out the images from the VIP party and our tour of Springdale General and The Center for Social Innovation below.

Michael Hsu, Matt McDonnell, and Ryan Steglich

Michael Hsu, Matt McDonnell, and Ryan Steglich



2017 Lineup

Bumble | 1105 W 41st Street

Handsome | 1000 E 6th Street

Kammok | 1401 E 7th Street

argodesign | 2901 S 1st Street #200

GasPedal | 10300 Springdale Road 

Soma Vida | 2324 E Cesar Chavez Street 

Favor | 1705 Guadalupe Street 3rd Floor

Condé Nast Co/Lab | 1645 E 6th Street #250

Atlassian | 303 Colorado Street #1600

MF Architecture | 900 East 6th Street #100

Springdale General | 1023 Springdale Road 

The Center For Social Innovation | 1023 Springdale Road