Does Your Office Space Fit Your Needs?

As businesses grow, their office needs change. Whether you are looking for new space, more space or renovating your current space, here are some questions you should asking your organization and team:

  1. What are your growth plans?
  2. Will your staffing needs change within the next 2-5 years?
  3. Does every member need a private office?
  4. Are younger employees looking for a more flexible and interactive work environment?
  5. Does your organization host a lot of events? Are your current venue options affordable?
  6. Are you leveraging events as a revenue generating opportunity?
  7. Does your office offer opportunities to meet others in your industry?
  8. Are there gaps in your service area that are impacted by your location?
  9. Are you receiving programming and community that benefit your organization where you currently are?
  10. Is the lack of natural light affecting your team's productivity and general morale?

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